Mark 10:45

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many.

Our son is in law enforcement. I remember when he first started as a local city police officer. From that time forward the hardest thing for him to deal with was to see children in the midst of domestic abuse. The children were often traumatized by the brutalizing of one parent and the almost certain arrest of the other.

The children always seemed to be victims in these situations. They could never understand what was going wrong or if it was their fault that mommy and daddy fought. Many times the children were taught that the police were the “bad guys” and shouldn’t be trusted.

My son went to our church’s United Methodist Women and asked if the ladies in this organization would be interested in making a toy that would comfort these kids. These wonderful ladies proceeded to hand make teddy bears for my son and the other officers on the force.

Needless to say this effort was a tremendous success. The teddy bears were made with love for someone unknown to them and each one was prayed over that it would comfort the recipient. My son said that he saw many a child hold his or her teddy bear tight and the initial fear would melt away to comfort.

Through this troubling time these children could experience the love of Christ and both the officers and the UMW were given an opportunity to serve their community.

PRAYER: Lord- thank you that you use us to bless others. Open our hearts that we might see the trials others are experiencing and guide us that we might show them your awe inspiring love.


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