The Journey

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Sunday, April 8, 2018

There are movies that end in cliffhangers, where the “hero” or “heroine” is left in a particularly dangerous, unresolved situation, that is not remedied until you see the sequel coming out in another year or so. And then, in this sequel, the protagonist emerges victorious, evil is vanquished, and the trilogy comes to a triumphant end! Sound familiar?

Well, yes, you can make a comparison to Jesus rising and breaking the grip of death from this world. But the great thing about this story is that it doesn’t end there. Jesus is seen several times afterwards, energizing and inspiring His followers, performing miracles, and making sure people know that He is truly alive!

And guess what? He’s still doing it. Just like those travelers on the road to Emmaus, there are points in our lives where Jesus meets us. No, He may not be physically standing in front of you or walking beside you. But there may be times in your life where you felt that Hand on your shoulder, or experienced that inner peace in times where chaos was swirling around you. That’s Jesus, meeting you where you are. So don’t just stand there: walk with Him!