The Battle of our Minds

If you are the least bit familiar with social media, you know that a million different kinds of information spew into the cyberverse almost every second. And while some of it is useful, there is a great deal of misleading conceptions and opposing opinions that set a person into a tirade of angry emotions.

You’ve been there. You want to comment so bad, to make your gut-feelings known, in hopes of setting the record straight. But does that really solve anything? You might get some agreements on your post, but you also might receive slander and make more enemies than friends.

We treat Christ’s church is the same way. We see injustices and experience non-Christian behavior, even in our own walls, and we think the only way to squelch it is to blindly lash out at this conflict and those who cause it, only to create more conflict. Fighting fire with fire just makes more fire.

Now take a look at Paul’s approach in our scripture lesson this week. When you make your argument a captive of Christ, your point is no longer yours, but His. Battles are won by speaking truth, boldly yet gently, and not by senseless acts of anger. With the knowledge and wisdom that only He can give, you can break strongholds and change lives for the better!