Stations of the Cross – (Stripped and Nailed to the Cross)

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Sunday, March 25, 2018

No one likes to be humiliated. To do something unintentionally shameful in front of a large crowd of witnesses can be heartbreaking and debilitating. These events in our lives are etched in our minds, even though we try our hardest to forget and not make it happen again.

But few humiliating experiences can compare with crucifixion. It was a harsh way to go, physically and emotionally. A criminal was made an example for the onlookers, stripped of all clothing and nailed to a cross. It was a form of crime prevention. No one wanted to take the criminal’s place.

But that’s exactly what Jesus did. He took our place up there. He took the humiliation and pain that we suffer through sin and said,”It is finished.” His love for us outweighed the shame and death He so graciously endured.

“Stripped” Message notes (Natalie)