Stations of the Cross – Simon Carries the Cross

Stations of The Cross - Simon Carries the Cross

Simon is asked to carry the cross of Jesus.

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Monday, March 12, 2018

Alright, think “old school” here. Do you remember playing “Hot Potato”, where you pass around a potato, or anything resembling a potato, while music is playing? Then, when the music is unexpectedly turned off, whoever is left with the potato is out? You didn’t want that “potato” to end up in your hands, so you got rid of it as quickly as you could, passing it to the next person.

Sometimes we are handed responsibilities we don’t want, so we look for a way to pass it off, to get rid of it. In some cases, ridding our lives of this unexpected chore isn’t as easy as giving it to the next person. How do you think Simon of Cyrene felt when he was handed the responsibility of carrying a heavy cross for a so-called criminal? This was probably not what Simon had in mind to do when he started his day. And, before doing it, he probably looked around in the crowd to see if there was that chance of giving up this responsibility. But think of the honor that was unexpectedly bestowed upon him that day! What blessings have fallen on you when you decided to take up that calling, that friendship, that cross, when part of you just wanted to pass it on?