Provoking One Another

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Do you ever eat at a buffet? Buffets are like habits: some are good, and some are bad. Think back to a bad buffet. What made it that way? The warm food was cold and unappetizing and picked over, right? But the worst thing in that buffet line was the soup. There it sat, untouched, lukewarm at best, and a thin layer of skim on the top of it. Yuck! All it would take is a little stirring to bring that soup back to life, to make it more appetizing, more inviting.

Are we as Christians any different? Sometimes we get stagnant. Sometimes we go through weeks doing the same things over and over again, sitting in our seats listening, waiting for someone to stir us to worship, to provoke us to life. But the power to provoke ourselves is in us all!  

The power to wade in the water is present and alive, and it’s not limited to whoever is standing on the stage at that moment. It is our calling to ignite ourselves, to charge one another with the creation of Jesus’ disciples for the transformation of the world! So stir the pot, not to create conflict, but to inspire and convict those around you to love and serve a great God!