Lent 2018 (stations of the Cross) “Jesus Takes Up the Cross”

Have you ever felt alone? It’s not a good feeling, is it?

Have you ever felt alone in a large crowd of people? This is certainly possible, even when you are surrounded by those you know.

Think about what Jesus went through. There He stood with Pilate, in front of a mass of people that wanted Him to die. Even Pilate, who tried to turn the situation around in Jesus’ favor, caved in to the wishes of the angry crowd. Jesus’ disciples were scattered and hiding. Peter, who many consider to be Jesus’ right hand man, denied Him openly more than once. Jesus was truly alone. And soon after His sentence was announced, and He was brutally tortured, Jesus took up the cross by Himself, and walked the lonely road to His death. For the lost souls that hurled stones and insults, and for the frightened few that watched and wept.

He took those steps, and still does. Thanks be to God!