Journey to Maturity – Growth Chart

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Sunday, September 23, 2018

We’re all on a journey- the question IS- where are we headed and how’s our progress in getting there?

Do you remember standing with your back straight against the trim of a door in your house, and your mom or dad marking how tall you are on that trim? Those marks tell a story of how you have grown physically over the years.

So what do you use to measure your spiritual growth?

True, it’s hard to show a physical record of your walk with Jesus, but there are ways to know where you are and the distance you can go. But one thing is for sure, you need have that hunger for what you want to know. You need to know Jesus for who He was and who He still is. And you need to know that He is there to watch your every step and to keep you growing in your love and knowledge of Him.

In this message- Pastor Dwight explores the idea of stages of growth and development in our spiritual life.