Evidence of The Spirit

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Sunday, June 17, 2018

Where would we be today without the invention of the GPS? (Get the joke there? Where would we be…get it?…ahem…) Anyway, the GPS is a pretty amazing tool! Just input your destination, and you have your own guide to get you where you need or want to be. It would be a lot harder to depend on your own navigation to reach a difficult destination. Isn’t that what we do sometimes in life, though?

We think we know the best way for our lives to go, but when we begin to rely on ourselves for direction, we end up getting lost and further away from where we ought to be. God doesn’t want us to go our own way. He has a way for us, already mapped out. But, even better, He has a guide for us that puts every GPS to shame: the Holy Spirit. That Spirit can guide you out of any dark situation, any lost cause. And all you have to do is simply ask for directions.