Easter Sunday 2018 – “Jesus is Risen!”

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Has there ever been an unexpected turn of events that turned your life upside-down? Usually afterwards, you’re never the same person. You have been transformed, in a way.

Think about what Jesus’ followers experienced. They had a double shock! First, they experienced the gut-wrenching loss of their Teacher and Friend. But then, unexpectedly, that Person, thought to be dead, rose again and stood among them, a testament that death can be defeated through the power of God Almighty! Of course, we know the story very well. We know the outcome. But Jesus’ return continues to turn lives upside-down, even today!

His miraculous resurrection is still touching lives and changing people for the better! When has His grace made you into a different person? Do you want that change to occur in your life? Let’s go to that grave, see that stone rolled away, and know that things will never be the same! Thank God!