Do You Want to Get Well?

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Sunday, November 18, 2018

Guest speaker, the Rev. Phil Maynard, author, Pastor, and church coach, joins us for worship. Rev. Maynard is working with us at OUMC to enhance our discipleship process.This message is a part of his engagement with us to inspire us in our discipleship journey.

Phil examines the question Jesus asked a sick man- “Do you want to get well?”

We are called to be the church, to create disciples for the transformation of the world. So…how do we do that? This might seem like a daunting task for us, because, frankly, most of us probably have no idea how to go about creating followers of Jesus. The order sounds complicated, difficult, and, in some cases, dangerous. But that’s what Jesus calls us to do.

Not an easy call to answer, right? But keep this in mind: it’s Jesus that’s telling us to do this. Do you think he’s going to send you out to do His work, while he takes a nap? No. He’s there, making sure you and those you disciple are walking on the right path. But to become disciples of Christ and lead others in that direction, we need to be well. Do you want to say with confidence, “It is well with my soul?” Then, as a church, we have to wade in the water!