Sermons by J. Eric Light

Cultivating Growth – The Bread of Life!

“You’re not you when you’re hungry” says one commercial for a candy bar. This is true for us spiritually as well. Jesus invites us to sit at his feet and feed our souls on the Bread of Life. Today’s message will help you grow spiritually by engaging prayerfully and spiritually with God through Scripture.

The World Needs Jesus

When pain and brokenness hit our homes, when violence and anger fill our streets, when fear grips our students and teachers in school, when poverty, abuse, addiction and corruption seem to rule the day- where is our hope found? Can we do anything about these societal ills that plague us? Our Creator says there is […]

#Follow (The Ministry of All Christians)

#Follow Most of us enjoy a good backstory- you know, where we discovery interesting storylines and gain new insights to characters that we’ve become familiar with. We want to know how certain characters got to where they are. Our lives are part of a grand story that God is crafting through the ages. To better […]

Grow Up

Grow   DSK Eric, do you think we should warn the congregation that we are going to do something a bit different during the sermon time today?   EL I think they can figure it out that this a tag team message today. Do you have your wrestling outfit?   DSK Eric, I have a […]