Sermons by Dwight Kilbourne

Divine Comfort

Most of us think of the Holy Spirit as divine Power. The story of Pentecost could definitely be taken as a science fiction story…or rather, science non-fiction! Can you imagine it? A great wind sweeping through the room! Tongues of flame resting on the heads of the disciples! The disciples preaching the word of God […]

Winning Our Battles – In Due Time

Some of us have been through a lot. And there are probably situations and events that make our trials seem endless, and it feels like you just want to lay down your weapons and either make a hasty retreat or surrender to life’s downfalls. It feels easy to take that direction, but that’s just what […]

Winning Our Battles

Stand Firm! Have you ever felt surrounded by enemies? I’m not talking about some action movie scene where the hero has been backed into a corner, facing his or her almost certain demise from what seems like an unstoppable force of evil. I’m talking about feeling hopeless, being attacked emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and/or physically. Have […]

The Battle of our Minds

If you are the least bit familiar with social media, you know that a million different kinds of information spew into the cyberverse almost every second. And while some of it is useful, there is a great deal of misleading conceptions and opposing opinions that set a person into a tirade of angry emotions. You’ve […]

Repairing God’s House

In the Bible, the upkeep and repair of the temple was essential. It was considered God’s house, where God dwelled. God dwells in our worship spaces as well. Join us this Sunday as we begin to take important steps towards the renovation of our Sanctuary. 

Passion Parables – “The Two Sons”

When you were a kid, did you do everything your parent or parents told you to do? C’mon, be truthful! Ok, so some of us may not have been the poster child for being the perfect kid. And there were times where our disobedience ranged from microscopic to awkwardly large and obvious. Those of you […]