Dwight Kilbourne

Dwight is an avid woodworker and committed to Jesus. He sees it as a privilege to lead at Ooltewah United Methodist as we grow in our faith and make a difference in the community. Dwight also serves on the board of our area Chamber of Commerce Council, and believes that it is vital to build […]

Eric Light

Eric has served on staff since 1999 in various capacities. He is passionate about helping people live out God’s plan for their life and helping them reach their full redemptive potential. Community impact, spiritual formation, and creative communications are Eric’s passion areas. As a Chattanooga native, Eric has a strong desire to see our community […]

Brett Hyberger

Music creates the atmosphere of worship. This is at the core of Brett’s passion: to craft genuine, heartfelt services that speak Christ and move the hearts of His followers, to fuse the love of music with the love of our Savior. Brett desires that everyone who walks through the doors of OUMC feels, hears, and […]

Jacob Ducote

Jacob has a passion for sharing the wild and ever loving nature of  Christ with teens and pre-teens. He is dedicated to developing a safe place for students to learn, fail, ask questions, and grow together…with a few dodgeballs and messy games thrown in the mix. He enjoys going on weekend adventures with his wife […]