At Ooltewah we value reaching our community and world with Christ’s love to build relationships with those we serve.

This is about being in community with people. This is about being in schools with our children. This is about being with people when they are experiencing homelessness. This is about partnering with what is good in our midst.

When you partner with Ooltewah UMC you are partnering with God in making our community and world a better place. 

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Make a difference in the lives of homeless families. Family PromiseEach year 1 in 45 children experience homelessness in America. These kids are sick four times more than other kids, are twice as likely to go hungry, and have three times the rate of emotional and behavior issues. This is not ok. We partner with Family Promise to help make a difference in the lives of kids and families facing homelessness. Click HERE to learn more.

Make a difference in our schools. As a church we believe one of the most important Ooltewah Harrison Education Foundation, D9things we can do is make a positive impact with our children and our community. Quality public education is vitally important to who we are as a community of faith. Because of this we partner with the Ooltewah Harrison Education Foundation (also know as D9) in its work to build a better future of our kids by ensuring a better education now. Click HERE to explore how D9 is making in a difference in our community and in our schools.

Make a difference in a day. We all have busy schedules, and it is important for everyone to be connected in serving. At Ooltewah we believe that even the busiest of people should be able to connect with our community in meaningful ways. That’s why we have Done in a Day. Almost every month we engage in a single day outreach event. This could be a cleaning event, helping at a charity golf tournament, or volunteering with our local schools. Whatever we do is a way for you to make a difference and build relationships with others. Click HERE to get connected with these service opportunities.

Take a trip and make a difference. Time and again we hear that one of the most meaningful experiences people have Short Term mission trips, relief workis participating in a short-term mission trip. These trips take participants to places like Louisiana, Northeast Tennessee, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, and India. During this time you will discover God as you build relationships with people from around the globe and across the street. Click HERE to explore some of our upcoming trips.

Ooltewah UMC has a global reach through additional ministry partners

micBannerWe celebrate all of our outreach ministry partners, and invite you to explore them HERE. In ministry together we work with many great local, regional, and international ministries to create a better world and build relationships with others.