The results are in – Thanks to all who participated in our Facilities Evaluation Survey Process!

We are very happy with the numbers of responses we received, and for all of the VERY valuable input you each provided as part of this important project.  It will be used to help us now evaluate, prioritize and plan for how these ideas can be used to best develop our facilities and physical space to help us accomplish all of our Mission, Vision, and Strategic Objectives here at OUMC.

Our next steps will be for the Church Council to form a PLANNING TEAM whose task will be to help us frame, dimension and evaluate each of the opportunities suggested in this study- and to help us all, as a congregation, make decisions on what should be incorporated into our future plans, and when.

We ask that you continue to hold this process in your prayers as we move forward into this next phase of ministry.  It will be an exciting time for us as a congregation to consider these possibilities and begin taking the steps necessary to bring them to life in fulfillment of our mission to make disciples.

Below you will find links to the reports that the Facilities Survey Team completed on the project, the Survey Results from each of the Surveys that were conducted, a Summary of those Surveys, and finally- an outline of the key Take Aways from the project.  Our hope is that it will provide us all with a better understanding of, and vision of where we are, and what the possibilities are of what’s ahead.

Sincere thanks to all that participated, and helped make this project a reality.


OUMC Facilities Survey Team 2018.

OUMC Facilities Report Summary document link

OUMC Facilities Report -Takeaways link

Demographic Report link

Summary Surveys Master Surveys
Church Wide – Summary   Church Wide – Master
Sunday School Small Group – Summary   Sunday School Small Group – Master
Youth Ministry – Summary   Youth Ministry – Master
Children’s Ministry – Parents – Summary   Children’s Ministry – Parents – Master
Children’s Ministry – Kids – Summary   Children’s Ministry – Kids – Master
Kids Day Out – Summary   Kids Day Out – Master
Recovery Ministry – Summary   Recovery Ministry – Master
Music Ministry – Summary   Music Ministry – Master
Kitchen – Summary   Kitchen – Master
Staff – Summary   Staff – Master