Spiritual Gifts Discovery

The Scripture teaches that we, as Christ-followers, have been re-created in Christ to do good works which he planned in advance for us. This is an amazing idea!

Discovering your why? and how? and what? are of ultimate importance in life. This short but intensive spiritual gifts discovery experience will benefit you in the following ways:

Course Objectives:

• Discover how God has created you to be a unique individual.
• Learn how to be fruitful, effective and fulfilled in ministry.
• Serve wholeheartedly while avoiding burnout.
• Uncover your areas of passion.
• Understand and obey God’s calling on your life.

Course benefits:

• Experience fulfillment as you follow God’s design for your life.
• Serve out of passion and desire, not out of guilt and fear.
• Avoid frustration by knowing what you are and are not called to do.
• Make a positive impact in this world, and an eternal difference in other’s lives.

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Participants will engage in personal reflection and prayer exercises in addition to classroom teaching and group discussion to maximize their learning and spiritual discovery.

Questions about this experience? Eric Light