Giving Sunday – Sanctuary Renovations


1988 the family of believers of OUMC moved from the little stone church in downtown Ooltewah  to the new campus and brand new Sanctuary on Relocation Way.

Fast forward 30+ years…

The glue on the parquet flooring begins to turn loose and the tiles pop up creating a trip hazard. There are cracks in the sheet rock on the walls. Cracks have appeared in the stained glass window above the cross. The carpet needs to be replaced. The ceiling tiles in the Narthex are stained and need replacing. AND the pews are showing signs of aging, i.e. cracks in supports under the seats, seats becoming detached, holes in the upholstery.

When problems like these occur, what does a family do? A family solves the problems.

A detailed report to address all repairs and replacements as been compiled by the Trustees.

New Hardwood Flooring and installation on the stage and under the pews –  $27,638

New Red Oak Solid Wood Pews and New Choir Chairs- $67,560

Drywall Repair and Painting Sanctuary, Narthex and Side Foyer Area-           $5,900

New 2×2 Drop Ceiling in the Narthex and Side Foyer Area- $4,465

New Carpet, material and labor- $4,879

The Trustees presented this information to the Finance Team. The decision that was made was to remain debt free. The solution, presented to the Church Council, was to raise the funds needed through a designated giving campaign to fund the entire project. As a point of reference, the Trustees determined that a $2,200 would fund a single pew. Donation are now being taken for the Sanctuary Renovations.  On May 12 we will have a Miracle Sunday of giving to fund the entire project.

Please pray and ask our Father what He would have you do.

In Service to Our Lord,

Mary Charles Blair, Church Council Chair.