Disciple Bible Study (Old Testament) Fall ’18

Bible Study for Busy Lives

• Do you want to read the Bible but find it hard to understand?
• Do you want to experience a deeper connection to God?
• Do you desire to connect with others who are on a similar journey of faith?

For nearly thirty years, Disciple Bible Study has helped millions of people read through the Bible and grow their faith. The new Disciple Fast Track study leads groups through the Bible in 24 weeks—12 on the Old Testament and 12 on the New Testament.

By combining daily reading and reflection on Scripture, weekly group discussion and shared learning, illustrative videos, and a personal study guide- participants have tools to absorb and retain what they learn about the Bible. Our church is now forming a Disciple Fast Track group to go through the study together.

Join us as we seek spiritual transformation and inspiration in our journey towards Christ-likeness.