The Hammer That Shook the World – The Authority of Scripture

Posted by Ooltewah UMC on Sunday, October 8, 2017
Martin Luther said some pretty amazing things. When you have the time, visit the link provided below. But tread carefully! He had the tendency to be a bit brash, and not everything that he said should be taken as sacred. Some of his quotes are quite humorous, so approach this reading with an open mind, knowing that Luther was, after all, a human being. But the majority of his quotes are quite inspirational. He was especially passionate about the reading of God’s holy word, the Bible. In his day, a copy of the Bible was only accessible to Catholic priests, high officials, and the wealthy. It was because of Martin Luther and some of his┬ácontemporaries that the Bible is circulated around the world in so many translations today. Luther believed that bringing the good news to the people. So the next time you open your Bible for inspiration and guidance, thank Martin Luther for making scripture available to everyone!