Loosening Shame’s Grip series- “The Invasion of Shame”

Shame is a common human experience. It’s destructive forces are felt by us all. Shame can alienate us from close relationships with family, friends- even God. Is it possible to loosen shame’s grip on our lives?

Shame often bursts through the doors of our soul over matters when we have done nothing wrong and there is no reason for guilt.  A parent is ashamed because a daughter’s life is out of control.  A young woman feels shames because she was molested by a parent.  A pastor feels shame because his is the smallest of the churches of the pastors in his peer group.  The teenager wardrobe does not have the coolest logos because the parents can’t afford it.  A child is the last player standing when teams are chosen.  When a person looks in the mirror there are some folds of skin, wrinkles, gray hair, little meat on the legs and arm, etc.  Shame causes us to think – “I’m not good enough,” “I’m too old,” “I’m too young,” “I have not value,” “Who could love me,” “I’m too scarred.”

Shame is always lurking outside our doors waiting for an opportunity to inject its emotional fangs in us.  Many among us seldom have major shame events but die the shame death of thousand cuts each day.

Let’s examine this issue of dealing with shame more as we hear today’s message.