Sermons by Dwight Kilbourne

You Asked For It series – Finish Strong!

People have been predicting the end of the world for centuries. There are so many theories and schools of thought on this subject that it’s honestly hard to take any of them seriously. But Jesus gives us an idea of what it will be like. No, he doesn’t point to a date on the calendar. […]

Equipped to Win

How do you please God on a daily basis? Kind of a tough question, huh? It sounds like a tall order trying to make the Creator of all things happy. But really it isn’t. In fact, God has given you the tools you need to do just that. You have special talents and abilities that […]

The Heart of Christmas

To a person who gave us all, we would expect to try and give Jesus something that remotely matches what He has given us. But, try as we might, we can never equal the treasure with which He has so graciously blessed us. But Jesus does want something in return. It’s simple and easier to […]

The Spirit of Giving series – “How to Give”

Are you a cheerful giver? Does giving make you feel good? Giving cheerfully is so important to remember this time of year, because it can be a challenge. We endure hectic shopping trips, other disgruntled shoppers, sales associates that want to quit their jobs because of said disgruntled shoppers. The stress of the season can […]

The Spirit of Giving – How to Receive

Christmas Message Series- join us each week in December as we explore God’s gift to us. Has someone ever given you a Christmas gift, and you didn’t get them anything? Awkward, right? We feel so unworthy of the gift, because we don’t have anything to give back. Sometimes, that’s how we react to the gift of Christ. […]

Relationology- Unlikely Witness

Do you feel sometimes that you are not “qualified” to be a witness for Christ? A lot of us feel inadequate to do this, because we’ve made mistakes, got in trouble, or created a situation that leaves a mark on our hearts and minds. We feel we’re not good enough, but that outlook couldn’t be […]

Relationology – A Full House

In the history of western civilization- no organization has had more influence on the foundations of our society than the Christian Church. Through Jesus, the church can make a strong impact on the world.In the past- Christianity has shaped our laws and morality, our ethos and ethics, our value for human life and healthcare, education, […]

The Hammer That Changed the World – Repentance v. Penance

What’s the difference between “repentance” and “penance”? What do those words mean in our lives? For some, it mean feeling guilty about something you have done, but you’re only halfway right. Repentance can be far more cleansing and far more liberating than simply feeling bad for yourself. Hear this encouraging and enlightening message, and find out […]