Sermons by Dwight Kilbourne

A Lifestyle of Thanksgiving

We have a lot for which to be thankful. Seriously. This week, really think about those people, events, opportunities, and lessons that have dropped into your life. But, above all else, remember that all good gifts come from God. So give Him the thanks and praise due Him! And you don’t have to wait for […]

Journey to Generosity – God Owns It All

We are creations of a generous and patient God. Everything we have is a gift from Him, but it’s not just the money in your pocket, the food on your table, or the roof over your head. It’s the life that courses through your veins, the talents you perform, the individual and beautiful traits He […]

Journey to Maturity – Questioning God

Have you ever questioned God? Sounds like a dangerous thing to do, right? Not really… God wants us to bring the tough questions to Him. Why? Because He has answers. The answers may not come immediately, and they may not be what you expect. But God does have answers, if you’re willing to listen. And even […]

Journey to Maturity – Maturity Test

Getting good at something requires a lot of time and a lot of discipline. Whether you’re an athlete, artist, or architect, your abilities don’t just happen. They are cultivated, crafted, and refined with each moment of attention you give them. But sometimes we aren’t at our best, no matter how much we’ve practiced or studied. […]

Journey to Maturity – Maturity and Community

Have you ever tried to achieve something completely alone? Whether you’re trying to earn that higher degree, run that extra mile, or prove your theory is fact, going at it alone is hard. It’s not impossible, but it is hard. That’s why we are the church. We are a community of believers taking that journey […]

Journey to Maturity – Growth Chart

We’re all on a journey- the question IS- where are we headed and how’s our progress in getting there? Do you remember standing with your back straight against the trim of a door in your house, and your mom or dad marking how tall you are on that trim? Those marks tell a story of […]

Journey to Maturity – The Goal of Life

So have you ever gotten a “some assembly required” item that came with a sheet (or sometimes a book) of directions? Have you ever thrown those directions aside and tackled the assembly of this “thing” with your cunning brain and infallible mechanical know-how? Never, right? Yeah, right. We sometimes have this false assumption that becoming […]

B2C – In Search of…

Our Back to Church Sunday series continues with Pastor Dwight’s message “In Search.” “Count your losses.” Have you ever heard that statement? It means that someone is giving up before losing even more. That’s what we tend to do. When we start to lose, even by a little bit, we turn inward and try to […]

Unhurried – waiting…

Waiting: it’s something we don’t do well at all. We’ve got things to do, places to go, people to meet. And when it comes to needing something, or healing, or wanting something to change in our favor, waiting is the last thing we want to do. But we have to keep in mind that God […]