Sermons by Dwight Kilbourne

Unhurried –

Life is not a marathon…it’s a triathlon! In a triathlon, you basically travel great distances by swimming, then biking, then running, without stopping to rest. While triathletes can accomplish a single triathlon in one day, they would all admit that doing one every single day is not healthy. But that is exactly what we do with our lives! We […]

Unhurried – Unhurried Thoughts

“What do you think?” A dangerous question to ask, right? It’s been said that we have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. In all honesty, that sounds like a small number. With the constant barrage of information and entertainment that we encounter every day, our minds are moving at the speed of Wifi. It’s fascinating! […]

Unhurried – Unhurrying Our Lives

We live in a world of distraction and speed. As each year passes, the need to acquire information gets more demanding. The devices in our hands keep us moving and, unfortunately, provide us a very limited venue for our social needs. The demands of jobs, school, and activities compete with our personal lives. It makes […]

Sacred Wounds – Taking Responsibility

Have you ever let a cut or scratch go without putting antibiotic cream or even just a band-aid on it? “It’ll heal itself.” you’d say and forget about it. That’s what some people say when they are wounded by the church. They ignore the hurt that is inflicted on them, thinking it will just go […]

Sacred Wounds – When We Wound Others

Sacred Wounds. Have you ever done something you didn’t realize was wrong until you had finished it? Words and actions we make may seem perfectly innocent to us at the time, but they might have made deep wounds in another person’s soul that they’ll never forget. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we have the power to […]

Sacred Wounds

There are bad people in this world: people who are insensitive to others’ pain, who focus more on themselves than the people around them, who push you away just as you were needing them to tell you everything’s going to be alright. We wish they didn’t exist, but, unfortunately, they do. And we react to […]

Evidence of The Spirit

Where would we be today without the invention of the GPS? (Get the joke there? Where would we be…get it?…ahem…) Anyway, the GPS is a pretty amazing tool! Just input your destination, and you have your own guide to get you where you need or want to be. It would be a lot harder to depend […]


Some of you will remember the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Towards the end of the movie, Indiana Jones is searching for the Cup of Christ (the Holy Grail), and he is faced with choosing the right cup among a large collection of ornate goblets. There is an old knight that has stood […]

Building Others Up

Some people take pride in being independent. No matter what life throws at them, they withstand storm after storm all by themselves (or so it seems). But let’s face it: we’re not made to face these hurdles alone. We were made to build each other up. There are people out there that need your strength, […]