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New to the area? Wondering what a message is like at OUMC? Miss a message from Sunday? Wanting to go deeper in a particular message?

Our messages our designed to honor God and be relevant in our lives. We hope that you will take a moment to explore what God might have to say to you.

Our Sunday messages are streamed live each Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. – You can watch our livestream on Facebook. Previous messages are available below and also on our Facebook page.

Messages from our Recovery @ Ooltewah services are also livestreamed on Facebook each Thursday at 6:15 p.m. while previous messages are available on our Recovery Facebook page.

Stations of the Cross – Simon Carries the Cross

Alright, think “old school” here. Do you remember playing “Hot Potato”, where you pass around a potato, or anything resembling a potato, while music is playing? Then, when the music is unexpectedly turned off, whoever is left with the potato is out? You didn’t want that “potato” to end up in your hands, so you […]

Stations of the Cross – Condemned to Die

“Tried until proven guilty!” We’ve heard this phrase over and over again. But has there been a time where you’ve felt the “guilty” weren’t quite as guilty as they were convicted? Have you felt that a judge and jury made the wrong decision when acquitting a┬ácertain person you think fit the crime? We like to […]

You Asked For It – Questions About Marriage

Nothing is more simple than the bonds of love and marriage, right? I can hear you from here: “Yeah, right, pal!” Please don’t misunderstand me: I’m not trying to paint a negative picture of this holy institution. But marriage comes with┬áresponsibilities, stress, and potential conflicts that can make life difficult. Unconditional love for that significant […]

You Asked For It series – Finish Strong!

People have been predicting the end of the world for centuries. There are so many theories and schools of thought on this subject that it’s honestly hard to take any of them seriously. But Jesus gives us an idea of what it will be like. No, he doesn’t point to a date on the calendar. […]

Equipped to Win

How do you please God on a daily basis? Kind of a tough question, huh? It sounds like a tall order trying to make the Creator of all things happy. But really it isn’t. In fact, God has given you the tools you need to do just that. You have special talents and abilities that […]

When Jesus Showed Up – (New Year’s Eve)

Whew! Another year is about to be behind us. As we approach 2018, be thinking about how God has blessed you this year. What are the ways He has shown up when you needed Him most? Did you see God turn you in a direction for which you weren’t ready, but it turned out for […]

The Heart of Christmas

To a person who gave us all, we would expect to try and give Jesus something that remotely matches what He has given us. But, try as we might, we can never equal the treasure with which He has so graciously blessed us. But Jesus does want something in return. It’s simple and easier to […]