Messages from Ooltewah

New to the area? Wondering what a message is like at Ooltewah? Miss a message from Sunday? Wanting to go deeper in a particular message?

Our messages our designed to honor God and be relevant in our lives. We hope that you will take a moment to and explore what God might have to say to you.

Royalty Series – Why Do We Suffer?

“Good” people suffer. Suffering seems random and capricious. Suffering, loss, and pain are many times hard to figure out and even more difficult to endure. How does our Christian faith give us comfort and assurance during our hardships? Is it possible to experience God in the midst of hurt and pain? Pastor Dwight shares insights […]

Royalty- Healthy or Unhealthy Alliances

Everyday at home or at work we are faced with the option to enter into relationships or business agreements that could either enrich our lives or place us in a position where we might be forced to compromise our Christian values and ethics. When is it better for us to enter into alliances and when […]

Sticking With God Through it All

Sticking with God –  Lamentations. Verses from this book rarely appear on greeting cards or refrigerator magnets. But this Old Testament book contains elements of human emotion that many have felt of a deeply personal level. Suffering and pain are common to us all- yet in the midst of our suffering- where do we turn? […]

OUMC’s 150th Anniversary Celebration – Rev. Randy Martin

Our faith links us to a rich past. Our faith keeps us in step with the present. And our faith promises us a glorious future. OUMC celebrates 150 years of faithful ministry and witness for Christ to our community. The Rev. Randy Martin, a former Pastor of OUMC and current District Superintendent of the Chattanooga […]

Building Healthy Families – Family Spirit

Introduction.  Everyone likes a party, right? Today we are celebrating a very important birthday.  Nearly 2000 years ago, the Church of Jesus Christ was born.  It happened like this: Following the death and resurrection of Jesus, he appeared to his followers several times over a 40 day period until he was taken up in the […]

Building Healthy Families – Choosing the Good Life

Life is full of choices. The choice is not always between good and evil- often times the choice is between good and what’s best- what ultimately brings life. Listen as Pastor Dwight address the dilema facing families in today’s option rich world- what are the choices that will build and strengthen our families? Are ther […]

Building Healthy Families – A Role not a Race

OUMC begins a new message series called “Building Healthy Families.” This series will run Mother’s Day through Father’s Day. No human job is more challenging and taxing than raising children.  Parenting ranks among our world’s toughest jobs.  This is true whether parenting is done by two biological parents, a single parent, grandparents or grandparent, an […]