Message Series – Building Healthy Families

Building Healthy Families

Do you find parenting to be one of the most rewarding activities of your life yet one of your most challenging jobs?  Do you desire to raise emotionally and spiritual healthy children?  Do you find yourself at times struggling as a parent?  Do you long for resources which can help equip you for your God-given task of raising your children?

Between Mother’s Day (May 14) and Father’s Day (June 18), Pastor Dwight will be sharing a message series on “Building a Healthy Family.”  During that time, he will address important topics you face as parents.  He will search the scripture for insights that can help you in the task you have.  He desires to help equip you for your role as a parent.

Our hope is you will make every effort to participate in worship during this series.  If there is a reason you cannot attend, the messages will be available online.  Each Sunday, the 11:00 worship service is live online.  The messages are recorded and put up on our website by Wednesday of each week.

May God speak to you through these messages so you will be better equipped in building a healthy family, find joy in role as a parent and raise up healthy kids.